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Leveraging Open Source for Edge AI

Alex Giambruno
2 min
darcy cloud
darcy ai

Kilton shares how Darcy leverages ioFog to bring Edge AI to the masses

On May 24th, Edgeworx CTO, Kilton Hopkins, spoke at Eclipse Foundation's annual Virtual IoT and Edge Days conference. Kilton demoed how developers are able to build AI apps locally using the Darcy AI Engine. Using Darcy Cloud, which is built on top of Eclipse ioFog, he showed how developers can then package and deploy them using Darcy remotely to AI accelerated Edge locations seamlessly.

At Edgeworx, we are big believers in Open Source software, especially at the infrastructure level. We spent a lot of time contributing to projects at the Eclipse Foundation and CNCF. Eclipse ioFog is one of the major projects that we've been contributing to and shepherding for close to 5 years.

What does ioFog do?

How does Darcy leverage ioFog?

Eclipse ioFog is an open-source, edge cloud fabric, that allows you to stitch together multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and edge devices to form a uniform layer for orchestrating and managing the lifecycle of distributed microservice applications. Darcy Cloud was built on top of ioFog to deliver an easy-to-use, elastically scalable, highly available SaaS platform that you can get started with today, and be deploying applications before the morning is done! Understanding that AI, particularly computer vision is driving developers to the edge, we've added an AI Engine that enables developers to build complex AI applications using Python with example code to begin building and deploying applications in 15 mins.

Darcy features

  • An all-in-one solution: starting from our Darcy AI Engine, to our Darcy Cam, and Darcy Cloud.
  • Easy to use: Beautifully designed web UI and robust CLI
  • Drag and drop: Easily deploy microservice apps to the edge
  • Scalable: Scale from a single edge node to a fleet of thousands

Are you interested in building easy edge AI? Get started by using the links below.



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